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Urinary Tract Infections & Blueberries

Women's best friend for urinary tract infections...

Urinary tract infections are a common problem for women.

It is widely known that cranberry juice can help prevent these types of infections.

Because blueberries are closely related to cranberries, they boast many of the same active substances as cranberry juice

These substances are called anti-adhesives and help prevent bacteria like E. coli from binding to the wall of your bladder.

Blueberries have rarely been studied for their impact on UTIs, but they likely have similar effects as cranberries.

Other great benefits of blueberries

King of Antioxidant foods Reduces DNA damage and use as a protection against cancer Protects cholesterol in your blood from becoming damaged Helps lower blood pressure Helps maintain brain function and increase memory It may help in the prevention of heart disease Anti-diabetic effects Helps to relieve muscle damage

Loaded with vitamin c, vitamin k, manganese, and fiber. Indeed a women's best friend.

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