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Fibroid pain in women

Are you suffering from having fibroids? From constant pain and heavy bleeding? Going to doctors after doctors with no resolution? The specific solution that most doctors give is the "Wait and See" tactic which basically means they are clueless on how to proceed and meanwhile you are missing work, feeling fatigued, anemic, heavy periods, prolonged periods sometimes twice a month, excruciating pain, and the inability to simply enjoy your life. Often doctors also recommend having a hysterectomy but what if you still want children? One thing is for sure being a patient of fibroids can literally alter your life in many ways. We get it here at Nutrition you Design. Our practitioner experienced fibroids herself with 16 tumors which makes her determined to help others with this same problem. We offer several options of hope and resolution by first recommending our exclusive laboratory panel to get the ball rolling to help you. You can learn more about our flagship program on fibroids by clicking here.


Our custom Fibroid Panel covers the following:


Ferritin (iron)

Vitamin D

Environmental Toxins










For the low cost of $398, you can get started on exactly how your fibroids are impacting your hormonal health and understand on a genetic level how we need to proceed to achieve optimum health to help eradicate the symptoms that is causing your life to be at a standstill. Book your appointment to get your test right away and get started on a new life that no one has ever offered you before. Book here online or call 877-898-5130

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