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Are you a victim of having PCOS, irregular periods, infertility, fibrocystic breast, history of miscarriages, unexplained weight gain, family history of pre-eclampsia, family history of hypothyroidism, family history of endometrial cancer, excessive facial hair, or hair loss? All of these symptoms can be genetically connected to irregularities in your genes but how will you know if you are a candidate for such genetic abnormalities? Determining your risk of these genetic predispositions will put you in the driver's seat of changing the dynamic of your health through nutrition and lifestyle changes. We test 23 gene variants associated with the conditions mentioned above when it comes to women's health. 

Women's Genetic Health Panel: $209

Now you can finally see exactly where you are in your health journey and can make the necessary changes through integrative interventions for better outcomes for prevention or to change the current dynamic of your health. Book your test online or call 877-898-5130

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