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At Nutrition You Design we want to get to the bottom line of your health with our specialized laboratory services. We provide a clean and relaxing environment for all your laboratory needs or take advantage of our traveling phlebotomy service in which our phlebotomist comes right to your home or work as a courtesy for you. We make it convenient for you and always have you covered.  With a vast variety of testing, we can cover everything from genetics to skin and anti-aging concerns to fit your needs as a woman. We help you to overcome genetic weaknesses to maintain optimal health. All appointments are flexible but required. *We work with women all around the world as virtual telehealth services are also provided* Some of our tests include the following:

We exclusively work with Vibrant America, ZRT Labs, SpectraCell, and GX Sciences

We provide over 200 specialized panels often overlooked by your practitioner

Advance Micro-Nutrient Testing

Gut Microbiome

Vaginal Microbiome

Menstrual Mapping

Hormone Testing

Cardio-Metabolic Testing

Anti-Aging Testing

Specialized Weight Loss Management Testing

Food Sensitivities Testing

Sleep Management Testing

Parasite & GI Testing

And so much more.... 

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Meet Kristin   Delaney   our    phlebotomist
Hi I am Kristin and I have over 15 years of experience in the medical field I look forward to working with all of Nutrition You Design clients by providing a very caring environment for all your phlebotomy needs.

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