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COVID and Vitamin D

As a Functional Nutrigenomic Practitioner one of the main things I work with in my practice is to help my clients to understand the correlation to having vitamin deficiencies and chronic illness. Most of my client's have no clue that vitamins, minerals, amino acids all play a major role in rebuilding the body through chemical conversions that is much needed for our metabolic pathways which are many. These pathways perform conversions that are very much needed for survival. The process is so important that if you are deficient in any of your major vitamins and minerals your body literally breaks down and becomes sick. Recently, they have found a strong correlation between vitamin d deficiencies and COVID-19. As mentioned previously, your body needs these nutrients to survive and to perform conversions which leads to much needed enzymes and proteins to carry out it's duty throughout your body. Vitamin D is responsible for well over 500 duties in the body not to mention it keeps your immune system strong to fight off viruses and bacteria that cause illness so without it is major means for concern. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms this could mean you maybe deficient in this vitamin and would need to supplement through food nutrition and or supplements to get your body going.

*Fatigue and Tiredness

*Sick and Infected often

*Bone and Back Pain


*Impaired Wound Healing

*Bone Loss

*Hair Loss

*Muscle Pain

The bottom line, many people are deficient in vitamin d and are totally unaware of it. During challenging times we are all experiencing right now it's important to know if you are deficient in this very important nutrient which could be the key to saving your life. A simple blood test can be performed to test this and other nutrients needed for your body to perform at optimum. If you would like to learn more about this test be sure to contact our office 877-898-5130 and know your levels today.

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