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Your Gut Tells Your Story

Did you know that 1 in 7 people suffer from a wheat related disorder? Many people have been linked to chronic conditions with no relief because their health care professional has refused to believe that your gut tells your story more than you think. For instance... If you suffer from symptoms like digestive discomfort/IBS, skin inflammation, joint pain, low energy difficulty concentrating, weight gain/weight loss, and chronic headache could be undiagnosed symptoms of a wheat related disorder or other autoimmune reactions. You see your gut is the first indicator of your overall health including disorders of your brain like anxiety or depression. The problem why most doctors may overlook the root cause of these chronic conditions is because they are very similar in varying diseases which can be overlooked. The other reason is because they may not offer more specialized testing that is normally seen in Functional Medicine practices. So you are probably wondering what should you do next? First, find a practice that can specialize in this type of integrative medicine. Here at Pampering4life Wellness, we offer several tests that can help to get to your bottom line of what is causing the above symptoms. We provide a integrative start plus an added benefit of working on your Cellular Nutrition. This type of nutrition provides a deeper look into what your body is deficient in rather it's amino acids or vital nutrients this test along with special gastrointestinal testing will help you to make a complete natural turn around. Just like that your gut will be happy and so will you. It's your time to get to the bottom of your gut for true health.

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