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Vaginal Microbiome: Bacteria in the Vagina?

Updated: May 25, 2022

Did you know that the vaginal microbiota through continuous translocation of species from the gut to the vagina basically is formed in our stomach and just as your stomach microbiota can cause an array of problems if it is not diversified enough with good and bad bacteria? It is important to understand that keeping a healthy diversified vagina is key to optimum health. A high abundance of streptococci, staphylococci, or Enterobacteriaceae, vaginal candidiasis, and trichomoniasis can create vaginal dysbiosis which is characterized as a disruption to the microbiota homeostasis caused by an imbalance in the microflora which is associated with increased susceptibility to and transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and increased risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, preterm birth, and maternal and neonatal infections. The different types of dysbiosis and their relationship to urogenital and reproductive disease burden vaginal microflora which is crucial in maintaining a normal physiological environment for the host and its involvement is deemed indispensable for reproductive success.

Vaginal microflora is affected by gestational status, menstrual cycle, sexual activity, age, and conception use. Normal vaginal flora is dominated by lactobacilli and protects from potentially pathogenic microbes that may lead to urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Since the vaginal microbiome plays an important role during embryo implantation, it is not surprising that bacterial vaginosis is more common in infertile women and associated with reduced rates of conception. We are excited at Nutrition You Design to offer the first of its kind in knowing exactly the type of vaginal microbiome environment occurring in your body so you can know how to proceed in treating recurring conditions through proper lifestyle changes in nutrition and supplementation (probiotics) based on your individual results. This test is also a great way to measure your estrogen levels to see if you are currently dominant which can lead to conditions e.g. fibroids etc. Contact our office to learn how you can get access to this test at 877-898-5130. Keep in mind, that probiotics have great success in treating bacterial vaginosis and restoring the normal microbiome but knowing what you need is key.

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