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Fibroids Tumors... Why Me?

Here we go again.. Another month of my heavy period. It all seems so easy but this is not like any other period. I am bleeding sometimes twice in a month. The pain is very hard to tolerate or should I say the intensive cramping is hard to tolerate. I can barely work or enjoy life like I would normally. "What is going on"? So, many women suffer and question this every month. The bottom line, you have fibroids.... Fibroids are tumors that are formed from smooth muscle tissue. They are not cancerous but left untreated can cause several chronic conditions from severe anemia to depression. Several research studies have found that fibroids are hereditary and can clearly skip a generation. Fibroids also are formed through having a chronic case of estrogen dominance which also helps it to grow and cause more problems. We know that stress and diet plays a roll in having fibroids as well. A high processed diet of foods can cause a lot of inflammation which is the breathing grounds for fibroids survival. Stress.. like with other chronic conditions can cause the immune system and overall body systems to be compromised for all kinds of pathogens and viruses which means there can also be a link to Epstein Barr virus and fibroids especially if your liver is not on a regular detox program to clear away any residual residue. You maybe wondering "Why Me" I am pretty sure that all roads lead to something already mentioned in this article but as research is still studying fibroids and it's apparent link to several concerns mentioned the true answer is the verdict is not out yet on the why and the how's of fibroid tumors. The good news is you are not alone in this journey. Every year.. millions of women are diagnosed with fibroids to the tune of 1 out of 10 women are likely to develop this chronic condition. The reason why it's labeled chronic is because you can have them for several years sometimes unnoticed. What steps can you take when diagnosed with fibroids.

  1. Be sure to get a full check up to rule out any other condition. Fibroid symptoms can be similar to other conditions that you have to rule out before moving forward with a plan.

  2. Ask your doctor the size, location, and how many. This is important as location and size determine the level of pain and the steps to take for removal. Rather outpatient or major surgery. Knowing the answer to these questions are pertinent for your next steps.

  3. Know your options. Do you settle for the "Wait and See" process or do you opt in for a procedure to remove them.

  4. Seek a Functional Nutritionist to get to the bottom line of your diet and health concerns when it comes to having fibroids. Going to a practice like Pampering4life Wellness which is equipped to take specialize genetic and nutritional testing can be the beginning of building a healthier body which may help to slowly heal the fibroids for the better.

  5. Finally, work on your health from your stress to your digestive tract. There have been studies that also link bad digestion to possible development to fibroid tumors. So, it's important to get healthy again.

What is most important here is your health and for you to make the best possible decision to get you on the right track. If surgery is needed go for it. You are better off removing them rather then keeping them inside to cause further damage or worst... More pain. If you are interested in learning more on how to build a healthier body during the process of going through fibroids. Be sure to reach out to us. We have you covered.

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Fidelia Robert
Fidelia Robert
27 may 2022

Fibroid (myoma) ones gave me swollen stomach and make people think I was pregnant, also with pain during sex, heavy menstrual bleeding and inability to conceive until I meet someone who got treated/cured by Dr. Uduehi. I reached out to the doctor and got cured after taking his medication. it's been a year plus since I got rescued and I have not had any sign of fibroid and am also 4 months pregnant at the moment. You can reach the doctor via email: Tell:

+234 706 647 4917


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